When it comes to quality, innovation and service in the air conditioning industry, Fujitsu stands at the forefront of it. With an almost 100% product performance rate and over 40 years of heating and cooling experience, when you choose Fujitsu systems, you can rest assured that your homes and offices will remain comfortable all year round. At Ideal Air, the team of experts installs, maintains and repairs a wide range of heating and cooling units including:

  • Fujitsu Single Room Mini-Split Systems – Wall Mounted, Universal Floor/Ceiling, Cassette Type, Duct Type and Air Handling Unit Type
  • Fujitsu Multi Room Mini-Split Sytems – Multi Zone (2 to 5 Zones)
  • Fujitsu Central Units.

With any brand of an air conditioning unit, no matter what quality is and how well maintained, certain issues can be developed. One of the most common complaints, when it comes to Fujitsu units, is a noisy air conditioner. A little noise coming from your air con, when starting, is normal. Also, older units are more likely to make a noise than newer ones as they are made using modern designs. This is why you should never ignore a new noisy AC as the noise can be a sign that something has gone wrong. A noise can point to different issues including a problem with the ductwork or clogged coil fins. Fujitsu air conditioning repair is always easy when you have an expert working for you. At IDEAL Air, we provide quick, affordable and reliable installation, maintenance and repair services to all our customers.

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