Why choose split air conditioning?

  • Various Indoor Units
  • Heating & Cooling modes
  • Easier and cheaper to install and maintain.
  • Quick and easy to operate
  • Ideal for single room application

The most popular are conditioners used in residential areas are definitely split air conditioners. Their primary benefit is they do not require any ductwork so no major installation needs to take place, just small holes in walls to accommodate the copper tubes and wiring. Each room can be supplied with their own cooling unit which is not only useful but also cost effective for rooms that are used rarely and this allows different rooms to maintain their own perfect climate.
The advantage of split air conditioner is that it provides wonderfully quiet operation. Both the fan and the condenser that causes the noise are located outdoors so the split air conditioner keeps your room cool and quiet.
As a split wall conditioner provides maximum efficiency in each room, finding the right size also depends on room size, ceiling heights, size of windows and more.


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