Why choose evaporative cooling system?

  • Cost effective
  • Environment friendly
  • Energy Efficient
  • Works with open windows
  • Cool relief for hot & dry weather

Evaporative cooler system can be an effective method of cooling yourself down on a summer day because they add moisture back into the air through evaporation. It is the cheapest form of ducted cooling and it can make conditions more livable by reducing some of the dryness from the air. You can also leave your doors and windows open. Evaporative Coolers provide a quiet and an environmentally friendly solution. Also known as swamp coolers, they work by blowing hot air through pads of cool water, which evaporates thereby humidifying and cooling the air. They need to operate in large well-ventilated spaces otherwise they cannot cool efficiently. As the cooling effect of evaporative systems relies on evaporating moisture from the wet filter pad, they work best in hot, dry conditions and therefore not ideal in establishments where humidity would damage produce. However they are very cheap to run and are very quiet, which is very attractive to many customers.


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