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With summer heat being already here for a while, it is hard to imagine our lives without air conditioners in our homes, workplaces, vehicles.

And, when you need them running full blast all the time, the last thing you want to happen is your AC breakdown. So, to ensure they last long and operate efficiently, proper care is very important. There are plenty of things you should do as a part of regular maintenance; however, there are also simple things that we usually do that should be avoided as they can damage either the unit’s parts or its operation.

What Not to Do With Your Air Conditioners

Most people turn their air conditioners off when they are not at home. And this makes sense if you want to save energy and money, but not on extremely hot days. If the outside temperature soars above 35C, as soon as you switch your air con off, the heat will be back shortly and will remain in your rooms. Once you turn your AC on again, cooling your house back to a comfortable temperature will actually waste more energy than letting it run all the time. This is why it is recommendable that, instead of turning it completely off, you set your thermostat up a few degrees and let it work while you are not around. 

Never block an air vent with a piece of furniture, rug or plant. For the perfect air circulation balance and your air conditioner’s efficiency, air vents are required to be free and clear. 
Do not neglect your air filters. Air filters collect dirt and debris before they end up in the air or build up in your unit. And when an air con constantly works, these dirt particles build up much faster, affecting your unit’s efficiency. Check out and clean the filters once a month and change them when necessary.

There are many ways to clean your air conditioner, but power washing is definitely not one of them. Never power wash your unit as that can damage its coil and can lead to a complete unit breakdown. 

Do not use hot water to clean the fins as it can speed up corrosion created by the heat. 

Do not try to control cooling your whole house by closing off vents or doors. Your unit should be correctly sized for the space that needs to cool and any other use can cause more efficiency problems. A zoning system can be the right solution if you want to control the temperature in different rooms.

Never try to diagnose and repair your air con issues yourself. Maintenance is something you can do without professional help while fixing problems always calls for a HVAC contractor.


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