It is definitely very frustrating when on a hot day you turn your air con on, its sounds like it is working properly, but then after a while, you realise it’s not cooling your room. When you check your thermostat, you see that the temperature is much above the one you set and that actually your AC unit is blowing hot air. Before you call professionals for an air conditioning service, check the following things which could be the reason for this issue.

air conditioner blowing hot air One of the first things you should inspect is the thermostat and whether is set to ‘auto’ or ‘on’. If it is ‘on’, the fan will be working all the time without even cooling your house, but wasting more energy. It will enable circulation of air throughout the whole space, giving you the false feeling that your air con is blowing a warm air. So, to prevent this, make sure that your AC is always set to ‘auto’.

Blocked air flow is another reason that can obstruct your air conditioners’ cooling operation. Warm air that flows over the coils is full of dust and debris and for removing these, your AC needs clean air filters. If an air filter is clogged with dust and dirt, it can stop the air flowing through the unit which leads to blowing heat back into your room. So, if your AC unit has not been maintained recently and it is blowing warm air, it is time to check the filters and change them if necessary.

The condenser unit, responsible for blowing heat to the outside of your building, is also placed outside, hence, exposed to dirt, leaves, weeds and other debris and can easily get blocked, preventing your AC from working properly and cooling the air effectively. You can simply solve this issue by cleaning the outdoor unit with the coil cleaner and water hose spray. Another problem with your outdoor unit that can cause your AC blowing warm air is a blown fuse or circuit breaker failure. If you are not trained and experienced to deal with electrical issues, we recommend you to call professionals for an air conditioning service to fix this problem.

A leak in the refrigerant line will also obstruct your AC performance, decreasing its cooling capacities and resulting in your unit blowing hot air. Regardless the size of the leak, we highly recommend you to hire an AC professional to fix your refrigerator or, if necessary, replace it completely, immediately after you spot the leak.

All these issues are easily detected and some of them easily repaired. If, however, the problem persists, get a professional to identify the problem and repair it efficiently and quickly.