Summer is just around the corner. If you are a new homeowner, one thing that definitely should be on your mind as is an air conditioner.

installing new air conditioner So, in case your new place does not have one, installation of a new air conditioning unit should be your priority before the hot weather approaches. You do not know where and how to start?, Find some simple steps below which can guide you through the whole process.

Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable at home, especially not when it comes to high temperatures. However, this is not the reason to buy the biggest air conditioner that is available. You may run into some very expensive problems and this is something you definitely want to avoid. Installing a big unit in a small room will spend much more energy than needed for cooling it which means that you are only wasting your money.

Another issue which comes with bigger air conditioners than needed is ‘short cycling’. When an air conditioner reaches the desired room temperature, it shuts down. With larger units this happens much quicker, so your air con will start having frequent on and off cycles while taking much more energy and, consequently, costing more money.

So, in order to know what size of an air con you need to install, measure the room that needs to be cooled. You may already have these measurements, if not, take a tape and measure how long, wide and high the area for cooling is. If there are some cuts at angles, to take the dimensions, break the space down to smaller sections and measure these. Your new air con will be cooling the entire space, also vertically, so multiply its length by its width and height and, again, multiply the result by its length. Once you know your room’s square footage, for figuring out what size of an air conditioner you need, you can use many Energy Star guides available on the internet or simply hire a professional AC technician to do the calculation for you.

Once you know the size it is required, you need to find the right place where your AC unit should be installed. Placing it high up on the wall will ensure that the cool air is spread throughout the whole area which needs cooling. And, if the building does not have ductwork, make sure you get some installed.

Installing an air conditioner requires a lot of work and knowledge. If you want good quality installation of an air con that will last, we recommend you to hire AC technicians who will do the job quickly and professionally, helping you with each step of the installation process, starting from choosing the right size.