Life in Australia can be very uncomfortable without an air conditioner. Improper operation of your unit does not affect only your comfort when it comes to temperatures, but also efficiency levels, safety and energy bills.

the most common air conditioning problems As repairs can be very expensive, it is essential that preventive maintenance is performed by a HVAC professional once a year. However, even the most well maintained air con can get deteriorated once in a while. Here are some most common air conditioning problems that you should be aware of in order to react on time, either by repairing it by yourself or calling a HVAC technician.

Bad odours coming from your air conditioner can be a sign of poor indoor air quality that can be dangerous for your health. It is also a sign that something went wrong. Reasons for air conditioning odours can be many – from dirty and clogged filters, blocked drain lines, system leaks to accumulated mould on the evaporator coils.

Like filters, the drain line can also get dirty and clogged. Especially in case of improper installation, the drain line is more prone to clogs. If this happens, it is necessary to hire a professional technician to redo the line. If, however, this is not a problem, to clear accumulated dirt and blockages, simply flush the pipes with warm water. Vinegar is also used as an effective cleaner. Avoid using bleach as it can damage the pipes. Make sure that you keep the line clean as clogs can make the drain pan to fill up with water, causing leakages and more severe damages to your unit.

Mould which gradually accumulates on the evaporator coils can start damaging the coil. However, that is not the only issue that comes with it. Indoor air quality problems, reduced air flow as well as health risks can all be caused by it. The good news is that cleaning mould off the evaporator coil is also something you can do yourself. There are many no rinse evaporator coil cleaning products which are easy to use and which can help you eliminate mould growth. Also, a very important step is to determine the cause of it. Humidity level is usually the main factor, so if mould continues growing on the coils, we recommend you hire a HVAC technician to adjust your unit’s humidity control.

These are all problems that can occur from time to time. To minimize the chances of these issues, make sure you schedule maintenance before each summer to allow your AC smooth operation.