The average duration of a heating system is about 15 years. Since its installation is one of the most expensive things you can do for your home, it is worth it to keep it running until it reaches its maximum lifespan.

heating system needs professional repair This is why having your heating systems regularly maintained is essential. It is recommendable that you have a maintaining heating service scheduled annually, before every winter. A thorough inspection will ensure all existing or potential problems are identified and addressed so you are ready when the weather turns chilly. There are many companies which provide prescheduled, yearly checkups. Many of them offer also prescheduled services for smaller requirements which should be conducted on monthly basis such as cleaning or replacements of filters.

No matter if you have had your heating unit checked up recently, there are a few signs that show that your heating system needs a repair and that definitely call for the assistance of a professional.

Have you noticed a leak around your furnace? It could be either water or gas. Although a water leak is much less dangerous than gas, it is still not an issue you should try and fix by yourself. The most common reason for a water leak is a blocked condensate line that should be inspected and repaired by an experienced technician.

Unfortunately, a gas leak is a dangerous issue normally identified only when it starts smelling. In this case, make sure that you turn your heating unit immediately without turning on any lights or lighting matches. Call professionals in the shortest time possible for an urgent heating service who will know how to deal with the issue, preventing any potential hazards.

Has your unit started blowing cold instead of hot air? The reasons for that are many and mainly require professional heating services such as repairs of replacements of complex components – the thermocouple, pilot light, etc.

So, when your heating bill goes up, you start hearing a weird noise coming from the unit, you notice a poor operation or uneven heating, it is best to call an expert for a heating service ensuring ensure a few years more from your system.