The most common problem calling for an air conditioning service is related to leaks and this is why you should be familiar with it.

Reasons Your Air Conditioner is Leaking Although each cooling season should start with an annual AC check up, there are still some issues that can appear during the season even after a thorough inspection. These problems usually require an immediate action, especially in case of water leaks as the smallest leak can lead to serious damages not only to your AC units, but also homes as well as the loss of a significant amount of water. The good news is that most of these issues can be easily and quickly repaired and that some of these repairs can be conducted by you, without any professional help.

The most important thing is to know where the excess water usually comes from. The evaporator coil, placed in the indoor part of your unit reduces the temperature of the hot and humid air which blows through it. Pulling out the humidity out of the air creates condensation. Water goes into a drain pan and further, down through the condensate drain line, outside. An issue with any of these components can result in creating excessive water which leads to your air conditioner leaking.

The most frequent source of AC leaks is a blocked condensate drain pipe caused by dirt, debris, fungi or algae. If water from the evaporate coil cannot easily go down the pipe, it will start accumulating and overflowing in your room. Inspect the pipe and if you find any clog, remove it simply with a vacuum. To prevent this issue from occurring, pour vinegar or chlorine bleach down the pipe a few times a year.

If you notice a leak coming from the drain pan, it is very likely that the pan is cracked. Remove the water from it and check its corners and edges. If there is a small crack, it could be possible to repair it with glue; however, the most efficient and safe method to solve this issue is to replace the pan.

Also, an air conditioner can start leaking if it is not installed properly. For example, if your unit is out of level, too much pressure can lead to a leak. Inspect its level, and if it is good then check if the vents around your house are closed as this can also cause excessive pressure.

And, if you are not confident with what you are doing or you cannot determine the main reason for your AC leak, call a professional for an air conditioning service who will examine your unit, identify the issue and solve it quickly and efficiently.