Regular air conditioning service, including check up, is an essential part which will keep your unit working not only properly, but at its best. There are many procedures which make up a complete air conditioning maintenance service; however, this article will discuss only these which could be performed by you as a homeowner without any professional help.

how to maintain an air conditioner The air filter saves the AC evaporator coil from dust and dirt coming in from the ducts. Therefore, one of the most important air conditioning services for keeping you units running at its optimal performance is cleaning or completely changing air filters every few months. Fortunately, you can do it yourself. You just need to follow manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning or replacement.

Humidity can create many airborne allergens. For this reason, you should keep your pans and coils of humidification always clean, free of dirt. Also, balancing your AC unit will prevent negative air pressure which brings pollens and allergens into your homes. Use a ventilation system which will pull in filtered, clean air.

The outside part of your AC unit is called the condenser and it is also something you can clean yourself. First, clean metallic blades around the unit, called the condenser fins. If blocked, the airflow slows down which results in reducing the unit’s cooling ability. Since the fins are really fragile, make sure that you clean them with a soft brush. In order to access the interior of the condenser, you will need to unscrew the fan. Make sure that you vacuum all dirt from the inside.

Please, ensure that the electrical power is turned off to your unit while conducting any cleaning. The safest way to do it is at the main electrical panel. And once this air conditioning service is done, turn the power back on, but leave the air conditioning off for 24h. Following day, you can switch the thermostat back to ‘cool’ and start using your unit again.

Routine cleaning is one of the air conditioning services which can be carried out by you. However, for any other maintenance, a professional technician should be called for. Moreover, your air conditioner should be professionally checked and adjusted before any cooling season starts. Do not hesitate to seek professional help; it can save you a lot of hassle.