Many people are having pets in their home and they could not imagine their life without them, but all of them are also faced with the problem of a pet dander. It includes materials like hair, fur and skin and it is very hard to clean it.

time to replace air conditioner You may not be allergic to cats and dogs, but if you have them at your house, you are constantly inhaling pet dander. Over time, this can do a lot of things to your respiratory system and to your overall health.

Using of air cleaners

Regular cleaning is just not enough to keep you and the members of you family breath easily. But with the right air purifier it is possible to live with pets and breathe clean air.
Luckily, every modern HVAC system has its air filter that can catch pet dander and hair. This will prevent any trapped material from travelling into your HVAC system. If you want your air cleaner to work effectively, you have to clean or change it regularly. You should do it once in a month, and if you have pets maybe even more often. Make sure that your air filter is fitting your HVAC system correctly, because if it’s not the proper one, it is useless.

Ultraviolet air cleaners

Nowadays there are also ultraviolet air cleaners on the market. They are a good way to clean your air of contaminants, such as bacteria, viruses and even flea eggs that your pet might bring home. The UV light is sterilizing and killing these contaminants as they pass through your ducts. However, these UV cleaners are not so effective in dealing with pet dander. So the best choice is a high density air filter that can trap the most of the contaminants.

You will have a cleaner home

According to a number of pet owners, air cleaners are essential in preventing asthma, allergies and sinusitis as well as other health issues. No matter how clean your house is, you cannot see the microscopic particles of dander that are infesting the air in your house.

When you vacuum, a large amount of these particles are stirred up in the air. When you dust, dander particles are reintroduced to the air that is circulating through your house. Over time, these particles are going to have some impact on your respiratory system or your overall health. But if you use the proper air cleaner, you will improve the air quality in your house, and prevent a lot of health issues of your family.