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If your air conditioner has stopped working or you are considering upgrading more efficient unit, there are a few things you should be aware of before you decide to go for replacement of your AC system.

Air conditioningFirst of all, you should speak to a professional who will help you decide whether you should replace the entire system or you could be better off with repairing it. If the issue is simple and the part which failed is inexpensive, repair would be the best option. However, if required repair and servicing are too costly, in the longer term it would be more cost effective to replace the whole system. What also should be taken into account is the age of your air conditioner as well as how often it operates.
Another thing that you should look at is the space which you want to be cooled. Purchasing the same AC system you previously had is not always the right solution. You may think that installing a larger AC systems would be the safest option; however, if your system is too big for the space you want to cool, you need to know that electricity bill will be much higher than expected and also your system’s ability to control humidity will be lower.
Moreover, you need to find out how long it takes for an entire air conditioning system to be replaced. If health and safety are immediate issues, and also consideringyour current budget, preferences and instant requirements, you may choose to go first for a portable air conditioner or a window one until you have your entire central AC system replaced. In that case, you will get extra few weeks to examine the right solution for the whole AC system as well as the right contractor for conducting the installation. And, since you need to replace the entire air conditioning system once or twice in your lifetime, make sure that you have sufficient budget available. You will realise that, in the longer run, your investment will pay off. 
Also, be aware that higher efficiency systems, although, initially more expensive, use less energy, hence, reduce your monthlyenergy bills. This is a very important aspect which you should consider, especially if you live in an area where the electricity rates are high.


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