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The best way to reduce your energy bills is to have a new high efficiency system installed.

In summer, your air conditioning systems operate sometimes 24 hours a day to keep your residential and commercial properties cool and enjoyable. That is why your electricity bills get pretty high during the hottest months and if your AC systems keep you cool, high electricity bills will definitely make you sweat.

The best way to reduce your energy bills is to have a new high efficiency system installed. However, no matter how efficient your appliance is, you still need to follow certain steps to ensure that your system operates at its peak performance, so you make sure what you are getting the best for the money you are spending. There are some tips how you can save 20 to 50% on your costs.
Keeping your AC regularly maintained is an essential factor as well maintained systems will save you money by extending your unit’s lifespan. Moreover, regular maintenance will increase its efficiency by 30%.
You need to replace or clean filters regularly as congested and dirty filters disable normal air flow and reduce efficiency of your AC significantly. Changing your dirty filters by clean ones can reduce energy consumption by 5 to 15%.
You also need to make sure that there are no duct leakages as defects in your duct systems will force your AC units running longer than necessary and at the same time make you waste hundreds of dollars a year.
You should keep your doors and windows closed at all times while your AC unit operates. At the start of each season, check the seal between the AC and your window frame to ensure cool air does not goes out from your room. 
Also, you need to ensure that your thermostat operates efficiently. You can set your thermostat as high as you need it to feel comfortable in the hottest months. However, the smaller the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your energy bill will be. In case you are away, you should keep your properties warmer than normal.
When you need more than regular maintenance, make sure you are hiring the most professional service technician who will diagnose the issue correctly and find the best, quickest and cheapest solution.



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